Who we are

Husyca was established in 1987 as a result of three like-minded people getting together to pool their knowledge and experience of machining screws and plastification cylinders.
Twenty-five years of hard work and ambition to grow, along with values such as excellent client service, the total quality of our finished product and continuous improvement in training and machinery, have all contributed to making Husyca one of today's leading companies in the sector with a loyal client base. We work in Spain throughout the Central Area and Andalusia and internationally with various companies in Europe, Africa and South America.
has its own facilities with more than two thousand square metres dedicated to the manufacture and finishes of its products. The Sales Department is focussed on providing the best possible customer service and the experienced Technical Department makes it possible to manufacture our products with market-leading speed and quality, something which sets us apart from our competitors.
Nowadays, the values and knowledge that served to make Husyca a leading screw manufacturer have been passed on to the next generation which has used them to adapt to today's more advanced methods while maintaining the same spirit of service, speed and quality upon which Husyca's reputation has been built. .

We made

We made and repair all kinds of screws for the plastics and thermoplastics transformation. Our screws are protected with the most advanced especial welding techniques like, dust welding. We use resistant materials like tungsten carbide, colmonoy, and stellite against the abrasion, corrosion and other wearing and worsening accelerate agents.
We manufacture single screw, parallel twin screw and conical twin screw barrels. We offer standar and personalized measurements. Our manufacture process includes the bimetallic technology with various alloys.

we offer

Our technical department will propose new solutions related to product issue. We do not just copy the plasticizing assembly already using, we study each case and we offer you a personalized and improved solution.
We repair all types of barrels and screws, remaining with the same characteristics as the originals. We rectified the barrels internally and we perform the hardness subsequent treatment. The screws are are reconditioned with the most advanced coatings during the welding process.