We have the very best specialists whose job it is to identify and solve any problems.
To be able to do this we have leading technology at our disposal for repairing any type of screw, barrel, etc.

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Barrel repairs

Once identified that the barrel is suffering from wear, there are two different ways to solve the problem:

1. The interior diameter of the barrel is increased by the least amount possible (according to the amount of wear) to achieve a barrel with a wider diameter but completely cylindrical and uniform.

2. The interior diameter of the barrel is increased enough to be able to insert a liner or sleeve. In this way the barrel maintains its nominal diameter with no increase.


Screw repairs

Once diagnosed the screw wear, the repair is as follows:

The screw's entire thread is lowered to make a weld and leave the screw to the same barrel size. The welding alloy will the best adapted to customers requirements.