Husyca is the number one company about barrels and screws manufacture and repairs. Our service main foundation are:

Husyca: husillos y camaras - trato personalizado

Technical Service

The experts in our Technical Department can provide you with the advice you need to optimise any type of process as well as drawing up plans and controlling the dimensions of the resulting assemblies.

Husyca: husillos y camaras - servicio urgente

Emergency Service

Husyca is capable of performing repairs in record time. We are entirely dependent on our customers, and therefore if they have a problem then so do we, meaning the quicker we can find a solution, the better. We are available 365 days a year.

Husyca: husillos y camaras - satisfacción

Team and Facilities

We have an extensive team of highly qualified professionals, experts in the use of cutting edge technologies such as 3D design as well as our own facilities which cover over 2,000 square metres set up to perform all of the processes involved in the manufacture and repair of our products.